Our application process is similar to what you might find with an

apartment complex.  We look closely at your job and rental history.

The best applicants will not have a deposit requirement.


Please note that well over 50% of our applicants have to pay a deposit.



Why do I have to pay a deposit?  I thought

you said no deposit required?


The best applicants only will have no deposit required.  Although we cannot

list all the criteria to get NO DEPOSIT, here are the main qualifications:

--2 years good job history

--2 years good rental history

--currently renting with the lease in your name

--no evictions

--no rental-related negatives on the credit report

--decent credit

--no pets


If you meet to above criteria, there is a good chance you qualify for no deposit.



I am not perfect.  Can I still rent?


Most applicants are not perfect.  For these applicants, we have a sliding scale

deposit.  Deposits start at $100 and go as high as 2 month's rent.  The only

way to determine your exact deposit is to fill out an application.  Sometimes,

we can give you an IDEA of what your deposit might be by filling out our mini app.  



I am on Section 8.  Can I still get NO DEPOSIT?


Yes.  Section 8 applicants are eligible.  You must have 2 years job history, 

2 years rental history and you must be currently working and renting.  If you 

do not work, the typical deposit requirement is one month's rent.



What do I need to move in?


One month's rent is always required.  Also, prior to moving in, the full

deposit must be paid.  If you move during the middle of the month, you

still must pay the full rent, however, the next month's rent will be prorated.



What about PETS???????


You cannot get NO DEPOSIT if you have pets.  The deposit varies, but

usually there is a minimum $500 deposit if you have pets.  All deposits are




What is the application fee?


Only $25 per adult, non-refundable. 



How can I get an application?


Contact us to get a complete application or fill out our mini app.


(The mini app will only estimate your deposit.  You still have to fill out a

complete application).